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Sunny Glassware products and customers stand together

Sunny Glassware products and customers stand together

Demi Sunny Glassware 2022-04-28 15:52:14


The slogan of sunny glassware products is "Life and death with customers."  sunny glassware products in line with a principle, that is always standing in the customer's point of view for the sake of customers, the customer's problems as their own problems to solve.


In the past two years, the epidemic situation has been continuous. An old customer has been cooperating with sunny glassware for more than three years. When the epidemic situation was particularly serious, some problems occurred in the customer's fund. When the goods were about to arrive at the port, the customer suddenly said that he could not pay the balance of the whole batch of goods to sunny glassware. He hoped that our company could help him by releasing the goods first after he owed part of the goods and then paying the debt one month later. At that time, our first reaction was to refuse, because credit payment is not part of our cooperation treaty, and once the arrears are not recovered, it will cause great economic losses to our side. But the client side does face difficulties. 


This is also a test for our company. After comprehensively considering various factors with our boss Frank, we decided to stand with our customers to get through this difficulty. We asked the customers to pay 70% of the remaining balance, and the remaining 30% can be paid in a month. This figure is within the range that customers can take out at present.


Although this order does not make money, we sunny glassware will always stand with customers, be anxious for their urgent needs, think about their thoughts and help their needs. sunny glassware products provide high-quality products and services. When customers are in trouble, we are also duty bound to lend a helping hand and help customers as much as possible. I believe that only in this way can we help each other and support each other, so as to achieve each other and grow together.

Sunny Glassware products and customers stand together