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Sunny Glassware glass production process

Sunny Glassware glass production process

Demi Sunny Glassware 2022-08-16 17:09:11

With the wide application of glass, glass has got rid of the shackles of the early pursuit of practicality, began to beautification development, more and more exquisite glass products began to emerge, glass candlesticks, glass ornaments, glasses and even large stained glass statues. But few people know what the process is like to make glass,Sunny Group has offered glassware since 1992 with all kinds of products being exported to more than 30 countries and regions.Today, I will take you to understand the glass production process of Sunny Glassware.

Glass production process includes: batching, melting, forming, quality inspection, annealing, polishing and other processes.

1, the ingredients

The main raw materials of glass are: quartz sand, limestone, feldspar, soda ash, boric acid and so on.

According to the designed material sheet, all kinds of raw materials are weighed and mixed evenly in a mixer.

Sunny Glassware glass production process


2. The melting system

The glass melting is carried out in the melting kiln. The raw materials are heated at high temperature to form uniform bubble-free glass liquid. This is a very complex physical and chemical reaction process.

Sunny Glassware glass production process


3. The forming

It is the transformation of molten glass into solid products with fixed shapes.

Forming must be carried out within a certain temperature range. This is a cooling process, in which glass first changes from a viscous liquid to a plastic state and then to a brittle solid state.

Forming methods can be divided into two categories: manual forming and mechanical forming;

A. Artificial shaping

(1) Manual blowing with a nickel-chromium alloy blowing pipe, pick a ball of glass in the mold while turning and blowing, mainly used to form glass bottles and glass spheres;

(2) Diversified shape, thin cup wall,

(3) the cup body has slight bubbles, mold pattern, inclined bottom, size specifications, weight discrepancy;

(4) Manual pulling in blowing into small bubbles, another worker with the top plate glue, two people blowing while pulling mainly used to make glass tubes or rods


Sunny Glassware glass production process

B. Mechanical forming

Because artificial forming labor intensity, high temperature, poor conditions, so, in addition to free forming, most of the mechanical forming has been replaced. Mechanical forming in addition to pressing, blowing, drawing, and -

(1) calendering method: used to produce thick flat glass, cut glass, clip wire glass, etc.

(2) Casting method: production of optical glass.

(3) centrifugal casting method: used to manufacture large diameter glass tubes, utensils and large capacity reaction pot. A glass melt is injected into a high-speed rotating mold. The centrifugal force causes the glass to cling to the mold wall. The rotation continues until the glass hardens.

(4) Sintering method: used for the production of foam glass. It is added to the glass powder foaming agent, heated in a covered metal mold, glass in the heating process to form a lot of closed bubbles, which is a good insulation, sound insulation material.

Sunny Glassware glass production process


4 polishing

There are two kinds of single throw and double throw, the product comes out of the mold, the surface has no finish, need to be polished to make the product achieve the required finish;

Adjust the position and size of the musket and blowing pipe, the musket and blowing pipe are complementary to each other;

The finish effect of single throw is not as good as the finish effect of double throw, because double throw can be thrown in many aspects.


Sunny Glassware glass production process

5. Annealing

Glass undergoes intense temperature and shape changes during forming, which leave thermal stress in the glass. This thermal stress can reduce the strength and thermal stability of glass products. If cooled directly, it is likely to spontaneously rupture during cooling or later storage, transportation, and use. In order to eliminate the phenomenon of cold explosion, glass products must be annealed after forming. The temperature rises from low to high, from more than 400 degrees, divided into three stages or four stages to adjust more than 500 degrees, annealing generally takes 3-4 hours to complete; Check the annealing effect needs to be tested, such as hot and cold test, scratch test and so on.

Sunny Glassware glass production process

6. Quality inspection and packaging

1. When the kiln end products come out, the samples are first compared to measure whether the size, weight and capacity meet the requirements;

2, the line with a row of products to do the cooling stress test, such as scoring, hot and cold test to determine whether the stress of the product is up to the standard, if the stress is not up to the standard, then you can slow down the speed of the line and increase the temperature;

  1. Inspect the defective products such as grain, residue, cold grain, cold fried and so on in the production process, and solve the defect problems of the products in time, then package them into the box;


Sunny Glassware glass production process

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