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Being in contact with customers is a very positive sign

Being in contact with customers is a very positive sign

Demi Sunny Glassware 2022-12-16 16:33:28

My British customer, king, has been in contact with me since nineteen, and I got in touch with him through the official website of Sunny Glassware. One day, I suddenly sent an inquiry for several types of candle cups and scented bottles, and I quoted the price at that time. Due to the quantity, our price was not competitive.I realize that I may become cannon fodder in the cooperation with this customer, but I still positively suggest that this customer still has a great possibility to choose us.

Since the inquiry, have been paying attention to him, and the customer has also been paying attention to our Sunny Glassware glass products.Sunny Glassware Award-winning team of designers has won the trust of many upscale brands like NEST Fragrance. The talented design team is unmatched in China.I often send them new products.

In August 2022, I suddenly received an email from king, asking for a glass candlestick and aromatherapy bottle, and the number has increased a lot compared to before. After sending the quotation, the customer immediately confirmed to send the color sample and make the sample, but the customer required the shipment within one month.Sunny Glassware The Popular Product and designs has stock anytime, the small quantity orders are acceptable.The stock of glass candlesticks and aromatherapy bottles is also sufficient for the quantity required by customers.

The customer has already confirmed the order without receiving our samples. In order to catch up with time, we will arrange the light cups and bottles first and send them to the processing plant. We can start processing after the color is confirmed. We successfully completed the sample, and the customer was very satisfied with the sample received, which was recognized by the customer.Now I have been stuck in the payment, I know the customer has their own pace, so it is not good to say anything more, only wait and see.

Sunny Glassware Glass is taking a big risk. We have prepared the cups and bottles. It is very dangerous, especially in the current epidemic, when everyone wants to collect money. However, we chose to trust the customer, and the customer finally arranged the payment. As required, we sent part of the money by air first, and the rest by sea. Successfully completed this batch of orders.


Sunny Glassware Product quality is the major focus in Sunny.  Sunny once demolished 80,000 pcs of glass vessel  with barely visible blemish. Customers are also satisfied with our quality and delivery speed after receiving the goods. In the future, we will continue to have more cooperation with Sunny Glassware.


Christmas is coming. Every year, Sunny Glassware will prepare gifts for the cooperative customers, so I sent the customers a notebook prepared by the company. Unexpectedly, the guest ordered a bunch of flowers directly after receiving the gift. He was very happy. It was the first time to receive the flowers directly ordered by the guest from the UK.